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Daria McGrain
United States
Nom, it's cheap chocolate day everyday after Valentines. Eats candy... did anyone else notice that the chocolate heart companies seemed especially stingy on the F-ing chocolate. I swear one giant heart I got had like only 6 pieces in it and a giant plastic spacer that was empty empty empty. It would have give the wrong impression if I had been buying it for my beau. Nothing says "I love you" like looking like a stingy bastard. Though a giant heart of "get fat fast" isn't so good either.

Still I got a small heart today and it only had 4 pieces of candy.  I don't know, it makes me sort of sad. I don't want a shit ton of chocolate but I don't want to feel cheated either.

In better news the Soho designer chocolate was pretty good.

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Wait... I'm confused... I thought Peaches & Cream were Miu's creations? Who stole from whom now? :D

... in any case, keep up your awesome work!
I hope your alright! :O
Uh miss mc grain there was a comic of yours I loved very had a cat and an overactive bunny and they lived in a magic shop.but I cant remember the name can you tell me.
e┐wait a sec.... are you the creator of peaches and crem o.o
you are like a hero :D!!!
i actually, i don't like the furry, but what you do, is fucking awesome :D

(err... i mean furry, as a drawing style, not like.. ya know xD)
Well, I can't say as much as the last guy, but I adored the hell out of your ClubStripes comics.
Sad to see your gallery ain't bigger. D:
geminiphantomhive Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your job, you`re the reason because i`m a yiff fan and love to watch gay porn
love your work!! i'm a big fan of p.b & jay!!!
Happy belated deviantART birthday.
love your work, especially p.b.&jay!!

keep it up!
are you PB & Jay's OA? (original artist)
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